Remodeling Your Bathroom: 5 Simple Ideas to Transform It

Remodeling Your Bathroom: 5 Simple Ideas to Transform It
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If you’re remodeling your bathroom to give it a fresh new look, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will present you with 5 simple yet effective ideas to remodel your bathroom and transform it into a modern and functional space.

1. Update your accessories:

Renewing the accessories in your bathroom can make a big difference in the appearance and functionality of the space. There are several options to update these key elements and add a modern and elegant touch, such as:

  • Faucets: Replace old and worn-out faucets with more modern and efficient options. You can choose from a variety of styles.
  • Towel holders: Changing the towel holders is a simple way to add an elegant touch when remodeling your bathroom. Opt for stainless steel towel holders or minimalist design for a modern look.
  • Knobs and handles: Update the knobs and handles of bathroom cabinets and drawers to give them a fresh look. You can choose knobs and handles in a wide range of designs and materials.
  • Soap dispensers: Give your soap dispensers a modern look by replacing old plastic containers with sleek refillable dispensers.
  • Mirror: The mirror is a central accessory in the bathroom, and changing it can have a significant impact on the overall appearance.
  • Toilet paper holders and toilet brushes: These small details can also be renewed to give a more coordinated and elegant look to the bathroom.

2. Paint the walls in new colors:

If you’re looking for an effective way to give your bathroom a fresh look when remodeling, painting the walls in new colors can make a big difference in the appearance. Some ideas on how to choose the right colors to achieve the desired effect are:

  • Light and neutral colors: Light and neutral colors are a popular choice for bathrooms as they create a sense of spaciousness and brightness.
  • Soft and relaxing tones: If you want to create a relaxing and serene ambiance in your bathroom, consider soft and soothing tones such as light blue, aqua green, or lavender.
  • Bold and vibrant colors: If you want to add a touch of boldness and personality to your bathroom, consider bold and vibrant colors. Choose bright colors like red, yellow, or bright green to create a focal point in the space.
  • Color combination: If you prefer a more creative approach, you can opt for a color combination in your bathroom. Consider the 60-30-10 rule: use a dominant color for 60% of the walls.

3. Update the tiles:

Updating the tiles in your bathroom can completely transform its appearance and give it a modern and updated look. Here are some tips for updating your bathroom tiles:

  • Paint the tiles: An affordable and easy option to update the tiles is to paint them. There are special tile paints available that allow you to change the color and look of the tiles without replacing them.
  • Vinyl coverings: Self-adhesive vinyl coverings are a popular option for covering existing tiles without removing them. In addition to being easy to install, they come in a wide variety of designs and colors, refreshing the look of your bathroom.
  •  Adhesive tiles: Adhesive tiles are another option to update your tiles without doing a complete renovation. These tiles are easy to install and come in different designs and sizes.
  • Mosaics: If you’re looking to add a touch of style and design to your bathroom, consider adding mosaics in specific areas. Mosaics come in different materials such as ceramic, glass, or stone and can be used to create a focal point in the bathroom.
  • Selectively replace tiles: If you’re willing to invest a significant amount of money when remodeling your bathroom, you can consider selectively replacing some tiles to create a new design or pattern in your bathroom.

4. Install appropriate lighting:

Proper lighting in a bathroom is crucial to create a functional and pleasant ambiance. If you’re remodeling your bathroom and want to improve the lighting, these tips will help you:

  • General lighting: General lighting provides uniform light throughout the bathroom and is ideal for daily tasks such as personal grooming. You can achieve this lighting by using recessed ceiling lights or even a central ceiling lamp.
  • Mirror lighting: It’s important to have good lighting around the mirror to facilitate tasks such as makeup and shaving. A common option is to install wall sconces on each side of the mirror, at face level, to eliminate uncomfortable shadows.
  • Accent lighting: Accent lighting can be used to highlight special elements in the bathroom, such as a decorative wall or a niche with decorative items. You can use recessed lights in the ceiling or directional lights to create interesting lighting effects.
  • Shower or bathtub lighting: If you have a shower or bathtub in your bathroom, consider installing specific lighting for these areas. You can opt for recessed lights in the shower ceiling or strategically placed waterproof lamps.
  • Focal lighting: If you have any object or decorative element you want to highlight in the bathroom, consider using focal lighting. This can be achieved by installing directional accent lights or adjustable wall lights that point to the object you want to highlight.

5. Add Furniture and Storage

Adding suitable furniture and storage to your bathroom is crucial for maximizing space and keeping it organized. These suggestions on how to effectively incorporate furniture and storage will help you:

  • Cabinets and Shelves: Cabinets and shelves are excellent options for storing items such as towels, bath products, and personal care items. You can choose from freestanding cabinets, wall-mounted options, or built-ins.
  • Furniture with Built-in Storage: Consider adding specific furniture pieces with built-in storage, such as vanities or cabinets. These furniture pieces provide additional space to store beauty products, hair dryers, or even towels.
  • Wall Organizers and Doors: Utilize wall organizers or doors to make the most of vertical space in your bathroom. Similarly, you can hang baskets or shelves on the wall to store small items and accessories.
  • Carts or Mobile Baskets: If you have limited space in the bathroom, consider using carts or mobile baskets. These can be moved as needed and provide additional storage for bathroom items.
  • Storage Mirrors: There are specially designed mirrors with built-in storage, such as shelves or cabinets. Additionally, they allow you to utilize wall space while adding functionality to the bathroom.


When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you’re undertaking an exciting and rewarding task. Therefore, with these five simple ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a modern and functional space. Remember to adapt the ideas to your own needs and preferences.

However, take the necessary time to plan your renovation and don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from decorating magazines and specialized websites. Enjoy the process of remodeling your bathroom and create something that makes you feel happy and relaxed.